Accuracy and Custom Reporting

Do you really know what all those ad fraud metrics mean? Probability scores? Viewability? What are they really telling you? You need an ad fraud detection solution that definitively tells you whether your traffic is fraudulent.

Many ad fraud detection solution providers use “vanity metrics,” which may look constructive and advanced, but if you go one layer deeper, these metrics aren’t as definitive as they seem. Metrics such as viewability, which measures views that last for at least one second, or categories such as “non-human traffic” can be helpful, but they are driven by either probability scoring models or basic filters. 

In other words, is an ad fraud detection solution identifying only the probability of fraud, or is the solution able to definitively determine whether a user is legitimate? 

Going one step further, what data is an ad fraud detection solution providing to help you make actionable, real-time decisions about your ad campaign? Does it provide an API that allows you to process and view data when and how you need to? This can be especially important for e-commerce vendors that need to know the validity of a visitor when deciding whether to process a transaction, which may come with vendor transaction fees.

Finally, you need to understand the strength of the ad fraud detection solution’s dashboard and reporting capabilities. Does it provide an interactive dashboard and custom reports? Is the information easy to read, reliable, and definitive? How accurate is the data used to determine the validity of your web assets’ traffic? Can you search, filter, and view overall trends using multiple metrics or scrutinize individual visitors?

With S.F, thanks to access to billions of daily transactions, an intuitive dashboard, and machine learning that allows us to improve our accuracy based on performance feedback that is regularly collected from our clients, your organization can transform the impact, accuracy, and performance of its ad campaigns.

“S.Fis worth every penny. Any time I see fraud ratios go up, it prepares me for what comes next in terms of our affiliate network. I can always go to S.F, drill down, and find the issue at hand. We can rely on the results we’re getting, as there are no false positives. It’s all accurate information.”

– Judith-Ann Sarjeant, Security, Fraud, and Compliance Specialist